What are the different types of Strains?

Generally produces a relaxing, calming, full-body sedative effect best-suited for night use or low physical activity. 
Generally produces an uplifting, energetic, creative, cerebral feeling best-suited for day use, physical and/or creative activities.  
Strain specific and produces a combination of effects from both indica and sativa varieties.

Our Products

Lumpy's Apple Fritter
An indica dominant hybrid boasting a bouquet of sweet, earthy, and slightly cheesy apple pastry . When inhaled those flavors are amplified in the smoke. Its effects bring feelings of euphoria, steadiness, and relaxation much like a glass of fine wine. It is a 2016 2nd place hybrid winner for High Times Northern California Cup. Also listed under the High Times Strongest Strains in the world for 2016, testing at 25.2% THC.
Lumpy's Reckless Rainbow
An indica dominate hybrid. The flower has an amazing rich purple tone, with a mix of sweet berries and old school purple bouquet. The effects of Lumpy's Reckless Rainbow is a relaxing high that seems to get the edge off, similar to a night cap before bed. Hand selected for its beautiful color, amazing taste, and an amazing effect, Lumpy's Reckless Rainbow is a true treat.
Lumpy's Lemon Kill
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Lumpy's LA Snow
A sativa dominate hybrid (80% sativa). Its frosted buds and high resonance of pine and mint bouquet hits the nose with a slight gas undertone. You can definetly smell the potency in the bud. It gives a very well balanced alert high with highly resonated smoke. I have a cancer patient friend that takes this regularly to help cope with chemo. It takes away her nausea, pain, and brings her appetite back to normal after smoking. It took 1st place in the 2017 Northern California high times cup and 3rd place in the 2017 Southern California High Times Cup, testing at 29.2% THC.
Lumpy' Cali Berry
This lady looks and probably smells as amazing as the actress from which the name was derived from. The aroma from the bud is this sweet smell of fruity berries with a gas undertone. The colors on this bud is a 50/50 mix of lively green with a rich purple much like the actress. When smoked the inhale is smooth and really flavorful with a deep berry undertone, a true bombshell. This lady won 2nd place at the Central Valley High Times cup in 2018 in the hybrid category.
Lumpy's Lemon Berry
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Lumpy's Ben N Berries
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